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We can all agree that the crisis our planet faces is one that will take all of us working together to solve. And there seems to be a never-ending list of organizations led by young people that are fighting for our future. So the question is: why aren't we working together?

We've become known as the generation that breaks barriers, sets new frontiers and sculpts our future, the way we want it. We are the architects of our own destiny. So why are we stuck using outdated methods to actually achieve this future?

Whether for good or bad, the boundless optimism and unflinching determination of young people has been used time and again to win wars, break barriers and rebuild societies. Young people are both the future and the present of the environmental movement, and have the ability to influence their parents, peers and communities in truly incredible ways.

If we can bring together youth environmentalists from across the world to share their stories, experiences, projects and goals with each other, we can unify the environmental movement worldwide and provide a means for globalizing the ever-growing issue of climate change, that is simply to big for any one person, organization or country to handle on their own. Youth.ify was founded in August 2020 to do just this. Youth.ify is a global, virtual community founded by youth environmentalists from around the world to unify Gen Z for collective change.


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